Monday, January 18, 2010

Brief Introduction

So, welcome to Iron in Fire. It was a bit tough finding a fitting name for this blog. So why "Iron in Fire"? It comes from a beautiful sentence in the classic devotional work The Imitation of Christ, traditionally ascribed to Thomas a Kempis: "As iron cast into fire loses its rust and becomes glowing white, so he who turns completely to God is stripped of his sluggishness and changed into a new man" (2.4). And that's really where we are, or at least are striving to be -- turning to God and being transformed by the encounter. This blog is, at least ideally, about being a Christian and what it's all about. Just the occasional spiritual thought, reflection, idea, etc.

So who blogs here? Well...

JB: I'm first and foremost a Christian, and specifically an evangelical Christian. I'm also a seminary student with a Bachelor of Arts degree (summa cum laude) in religion and philosophy, though I minored in mathematics; I started this blog while finishing up my undergraduate program. I spend a fair bit of time reading in fields like theology, philosophy, New Testament studies, church history, etc., and I also really love interfaith dialogue. I also have a blog called Study and Faith, devoted to dialogue between Evangelicals and Latter-day Saints. But here, I'm going to try not to get bogged down in doctrinal minutiae too much for a change, or to use words that nobody but me and my fellow uber-geeks can understand. When it comes to being a Christian - doing the right thing and all that - I have to confess that my track record could best be summed up as 'not very good'... but by the grace of God I'm working on it.

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  1. I have been a subscriber to this blog eversince it was put out to the public. Between the two years of 2010 and 2011, I had every intention to keep caught up with every entry. But with the schedule I had at the time, going here and there almost every day, it had proven much difficult to stay caught up. However, withint the last year, that schedule has changed and has become less crazy. So now that I have come to that realization, I plan to start anew, by reading every single entry up to the current date, at any chance that i can get. I look forward to reading (and perhaps re-reading) what inspirational words you have to offer.